What Is River Fund?
River Fund, Inc. is a local non-profit agency providing direct emergency and crisis services to families and individuals in Bullhead City, Ft. Mohave and Mohave Valley, Arizona and Laughlin, Nevada. Various services are also considered outside of this direct service area through River Fund grant programs, established to assist other non-profit organizations that are engaged in similar humanitarian programs.

Why is River Fund so Important?
No single agency can do it alone - River Fund is the most effective way to improve lives and strengthen our community and also provides program grants to several local agencies that improve the quality of life for the entire region.

How Does River Fund Work?
*    River Fund works with the community to make lasting changes.
*    River Fund focuses on critical need areas to ensure maximum impact for your donations.
*    River Fund provides direct services to qualified persons needing emergency assistance.
*    River Fund provides leadership and resources to our community.

What Does River Fund Provide?
Services include assistance with utilities, clothing, food, severe illness (some doctor’s visits, prescriptions or COBRA payments when an individual is unable to work due to illness), unexpected loss of life incidents, disaster relief in the form of temporary housing (due to the partial or total destruction of an family or individual’s dwelling due to disaster causing the residence to be uninhabitable), and other major hardships on a case-by-case basis.

Why Should I Contribute?
*    The quality of life in your community affects everyone.
*    Funding resources have been on the decline while the need for assistance is on the rise.
*    Because every donation counts.
*    You can make a difference.

How Can I Contribute?
An employee of participating businesses may become a “River Giver” through automatic payroll deduction or direct contribution. Payroll deduction forms are available through human resources/benefits departments or download the form that suits your situation best. There are three options:
Weekly Payroll Deduction                Bi-Weekly Payroll Deduction            One-Time Donations

What is the Employee Donor Crisis Fund?
River Fund donors will also qualify for the Employee Donor Crisis Fund. When an employee becomes a “River Giver” through automatic payroll deduction or direct contribution, they qualify for assistance through the Employee Donor Crisis Fund, often at higher dollar amounts than the guidelines for other assistance funds allow for. The River Fund will provide assistance in cases of extreme illness, disaster or other major hardships on a case-by-case basis.

Does River Fund provide funding to local non-profit agencies?
Yes. The River Fund’s fund raising efforts annually provides financial support through mini-grants from our Program Grants Fund to our tri-state’s local qualifying non-profit organizations as well as annual C.A.R.E. grants during the holiday season. The River Fund Donor Form allows donors the option to designate their contribution to a local charity of their choice. Since River Fund's inception in July 2010 through September 2018, 135 grants totaling $701,373.09 were awarded to LOCAL non-profit organizations, plus $68,717.37 was also awarded to LOCAL non-profit organizations as a result of donors designating their funds to specific charities.

What is the administrative overhead?
Because of private donations, volunteers, and contributions, along with assistance from Clark County officials, overhead expenses are extremely low. Staffing, supplies, campaign expenses and other miscellaneous costs have remained well below the River Fund's target level of 18% in every year the River Fund has been in operation. From July 2010 through September 2018, the River Fund has averaged 14.3% in administrative costs, meaning 85.7% of donations received has gone directly to River Fund programs and assistance to individuals.

Don’t we already have payroll deduction for something like this?
Yes. Now you have a choice. River Fund, Inc. is a LOCAL organization operated by LOCAL people in support of our LOCAL citizens. Consider becoming a “River Giver”. Your human resources/benefits office will be able to provide additional details upon request.

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