The Willow Fire

The Willow was a wildfire

It burned for days and days

Many people lost their homes

And many people prayed

Prayed that they would have a home

Their sanctum to return to

Some were lucky, some were not

There was nothing they could do

Their cries were heard in Nashville

Matt Farris felt their pain

He called his friends together

And they put in place a plan

His local roots were calling

He could not turn away

The plan put into action

Would blow everyone away

Musician friends gave their time

James Robert Webb and Little Town

Uncle Si Robertson along with Marsha

Came out west to help along

DJ Boom Bandit was there too

With his entourage in tow

He created a setup such that

It helped steal the show

Many others gave their time

Their music filled the air

You could feel the love flowing in the room

You knew that people cared

They opened up their hearts and wallets

And gave to those in need

The total that was raised that night

Exceeded expectations indeed

To be a part of this event

Showed me the human side

It only took a little

To help give back the people's pride

To know they weren't forgotten

Another casualty

Shows that people really do care

And will help out a neighbor in need.

Patti Verchiani

Vintage Prynncs, LLC

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

September 26, 2015


A poem by Patti Verchiani