On Saturday, August 8, 2015, a brush fire started in the North Dike area south of Courtwright Road in Mohave Valley. It quickly moved north and by the time the fire was officially declared extinguished, eleven homes had been lost along with several recreational vehicles, storage buildings, garages, vehicles and other personal property. The fire had consumed more than 6,700 acres including home sites and vegetation along the marsh area specifically planted to protect the soil from erosion during heavy rain storms.

The morning after the fire started, River Fund Board President Nancy Mongeau and Executive Director Mike Conner responded to a meeting at the Mohave Valley Fire Station at the request of Mohave County District 2 Supervisor Hildy Angius. The purpose of the meeting was to meet with fire and Red Cross officials and evacuees to determine how River Fund might be of help to the local residents being evacuated from the fire area.

Over the course of the next five weeks, River Fund provided temporary shelter for 58 individuals including children, disabled and the elderly that were either displaced by the mandatory evacuation orders or had actually lost their homes to the fire. In some instances, victims suffered extensive smoke damage and damage to water supplies and electrical equipment which also led to providing temporary housing while repairs were made. There was also the need to replace lost prescription medications, eye glasses and other personal items of necessity. It became obvious that River Fund needed to establish a "Willow Fire Relief Fund" that would be restricted solely for assisting the victims that are suffering as a result of this disaster.

Contributions both from businesses and individuals began coming in earmarked for the Willow Fire Relief Fund that quickly made available approximately $8,000 to assist those in need. There is still much more to do as the effort gets under way to restore the area, the properties, infrastructure and help get peoples lives back in order. River Fund is here to help. These Web pages will be kept current as to the contributions and outgoing expenses as they occur on a weekly basis.

Please click on these buttons to review the current list of contributors and how the funds are being utilized.

Willow Fire Relief Fund

Aerial view in the vicinity of Cheyenne Drive

North side of the fire from the  Aha Macav Power Plant.